9U/11U/14U Force Las Vegas Baseball Club
Force Las Vegas Baseball Club is looking for 14U, 11U, and 9U players. Highly competitive with an emphasis on healthy player development, on and off the field.
*Private tryouts also available. Club ball experience a plus.
Head Coach Jesse Orosco Jr.
Phone: 858-386-8696
14u Vegas Strong
The Vegas Strong 14U AA Baseball Club is looking to add (1) 13-14 year old experienced club baseball player to our roster for the current Spring Season.
The team is not a “for profit” entity, there are no monthly dues or paid coaches, families will be asked to purchase uniforms, cover their portion of tournament expenses and contribute to the community environment that we maintain.
We are a local tournament team intended to continue to build the skills of our players, to develop them into young athletes ready for High School competition.  We competing in 2-3 local tournaments per month, and practice 1-2 times per week depending on schedule.
Centrally based in the Southwest, the team practices at Paul Meyer Park (Flamingo/Tenaya Area), and at cages at Uncle Charlies (Warm Springs and Rainbow Area).
We do not hold a single scheduled tryout, but invite interested players to join practices for both a field and cage session to better evaluate skills and the fit with our current roster.  If you are interested in your player trying out, please contact us at
9U Hitmen
Come join the Hitmen!
We are looking for 2-3 advanced players to join our very competitive club team for the 2020 seasons. Must not turn 10 before May 1st.
We plan to play 1-2 tournaments per month, and practice 2 times per week with an occasional 3rd. Very reasonably priced with fees split evenly. NO coaching fees. LITTLE LEAGUE FRIENDLY.
We are looking for good families, easy to get along with, no drama. We as a team understand life happens and the world doesn’t revolve around baseball. Our goal is to teach the game of baseball and life, to help each kid improve, and have fun while doing it.
If this sounds like a good fit for your child and your family please reach out to Jeff @ 702-622-8601 for an evaluation. Pitchers are a plus.
Looking for a dedicated/tough/hardworking, 8U eligible catcher to play in 8U & 9U tournaments. Must be able to catch 4-5 games per tournament, 1-2 tournaments per month, and possibly also pitch.
2 field practices & 1 cage session a week
Please contact coach Don at 702.427.3386 or coach james at 702.526.4028
Email us at
8U-12U Vegas Showcase Baseball Tryout
January 29 – 5:30pm-7:30pm
Sunset Field #6
View flyer for more information: Vegas Showcase Tryout
For more information: or 702-723-2959.
9U LV High Heat
LV High Heat 9u looking for a player to fill roster spot for our 9u team. Preferred catcher but looking for player ready to compete. If you would like to schedule a tryout contact Manager Arlie daniel  (702) 563-9792  or Mark Lester 702-301-1037. Team is going to Cooperstown 2023. We are a 501 c3 non profit and fundraise to cover majority of Cooperstown cost.
12U Spartans Nevada Baseball
We are looking for 2 players and families who are able to commit to the Spartans organization and complete our roster.
  • Year-Round Club Ball
  • Minimum of One to Two Tournaments per Month
  • Local and out-of-state tournaments and Fall and Spring Leagues
  • Reasonable Fees
Age Requirement
Your child cannot turn 13 years old prior to May 1st, 2020
For any question send an email to
If you have any questions, you may contact Ryan Nelson @ (702) 807-9477.
8U-9U Nevada Baseball
Nevada Baseball is looking for 8U and 9U players and families who want to be a part of the Nevada Baseball philosophy. Our mission is to educate and develop players to compete at the high school level.
The program offers:
  • Group lessons designed towards position/skill
  • Tournament schedule, league games, organized scrimmages with other club teams
  • Organized practice plans
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Priority on development
  • Emphasis on teamwork
Nevada Baseball is owned and managed by David Seccombe, former professional baseball player.
Coach Seccombe was drafted by the Boston Red Sox from UNLV (2004). Seccombe pitched further with the New York Yankees organization and was one of their top prospects in 2005-2006. Coach Seccombe has been a teacher with the Clark County School District the past 11 years, and has 16 years of coaching experience. Through his extensive experience as a teacher, a professional baseball player and coach, Seccombe has been able to combine effective teaching methods with recognition of each players learning ability. Coach Seccombe’s knowledge allows him to recognize each player’s potential. Furthermore, Seccombe utilizes effective equipment to train the specific needs of each athlete. This formula is designed to develop each player’s skill set at the highest level.
Contact David Seccombe for a tryout. 702-493-5994
10U/11U/13U Nevada Crew
Nevada Crew focuses on developing athletes that play baseball. Our player development will focus on the long-term success not short-term gains. This roster will provide an opportunity for players with beginner or intermediate experience in travel baseball.
Contact us at (714) 222-4865 to inquire and request a tryout:
What’s included in your membership:
  • Speed, agility, and conditioning training
  • Field Practices
  • Batting Clinics
  • Fielding Clinics
We will compete in:
  • Local tournaments
  • League Play
  • Scrimmiges
Our players will work hard on developing baseball specific skills and athleticism through speed, agility, and conditioning. The baseball specific work will prepare the boys for baseball competition while athleticism will prepare them for any sport they may choose to participate in.
Baseball programs at higher levels are looking for players with diverse athleticism, diverse skills, and a diverse competitive achume. With that in mind we have designed our program with breaks from competitive baseball so that our athletes can have needed rest for young developing bodies and have an opportunity to play different sports.
11U Southern Nevada Baseball
Looking for Experienced players to fill our 2019-2020 Season Majors Roster
Southern Nevada Baseball (“SN Baseball”) was originally created as a High School club team in 2003-2004 with a Mission of preparing players for college recruitment.  The Mission for the future remains the same for the 11U squad, with a current 3-goal philosophy of:
The 11U team is led by Larry Schneiderman, former Head Coach of the Gold-Medal winning West Team in the Olympic Festival.  He also has managed teams to the Pony World Series (U.S. Champions), Colt World Series, as well as leading a USA 16U team to victory in the USA-Japan friendship series in Japan.
SN Baseball’s Head Coach/Owner is Chris Sheff. He was named National Coach of the Year in 2009 while managing the Bishop Gorman program and has 10 years of professional baseball experience.
SN has the best stand-alone facility for their own use.  The facility contains 2 outdoor cages, with more to be constructed, a regulation diamond catered to all base dimensions, a trailer for team meetings, portable pitching mounds and bull pen areas, and plenty of extra space for off-diamond drills.  In addition, the facility is connected to an indoor building containing rest rooms, a snack bar, and vending machines.
This is an exciting time for the SN organization, be a part of it!  To learn more and check out the facility, please contact…..  John Messina – (702)-303-7550
8U-10U Eagles
The Eagles Organization is Looking for players and Families to Fill 2020 Rosters.
 Our Mission is to provide Young Athletes with the necessary tools to succeed in the Sport of Baseball but most Importantly in Life, It has to be more than just Baseball. This Organization is about Player development and the trophy we are chasing is building the type of players HS Coaches are looking for. The Main Objective is Individual Improvement, and building a Competitive Team that can execute and perform at a high level.
The main reason why Young Players can’t apply in Games what they learned in Practices is due to Mental Fatigue and Overload of Information. Our Teaching Philosophy is based on methods and techniques that will facilitate easier and quicker ways to absorbe and retain information. Our Coaching philosophy is designed to allow players to achieve Concentration, self-control, game plan execution, situation analysis, and to regulate anxiety levels among others..We believe what separate some Baseball players from the pack is excelling at the Mental aspect of the Game, the ability to think and perform under pressure, self correction, baseball IQ, Consistency and Commitment, Attitude towards success and failure.. In our Team we’ll make sure your son learn the fundamentals and proper mechanics, he’ll also learn how to play the game properly, He will improve tremendously his skills and Physical condition, but our primary goal is to provide the Mental tools he’ll need to get to the next level.
We welcome (Only), Coachable Players with the right Attitude and Parents that understand the Commitment of Playing Club Baseball. In this Program there is absolutely no room for yelling, negative behaviors, bad attitudes, unsportsmanlike conduct, putting stress on the players..This Include Coaches, Parents and Players. We want Mentors on Charge, Kids on the Field and Adults on the Bleachers.
We are in the NW part of Town, most of our Players are from the Summerlin Area and Centennial. Practices are 3 per week (2 at the Field and 1 at Cages). We’ll soon have our Own Indoor Facility.
We play 2 Tournaments per Month, mainly Local. We encourage Players and Families to participate in Little League and we’ll do our best to schedule our practices so there is no conflict with Little League Games and Practices.
I am a former Baseball Player from Cuba (Catcher). Almost 20 years of Coaching Experience at different Levels, Including Coaching in the Cuban National Series, High School Varsity here in the US and Club Baseball for more than 10 years. Degree in Sports Science and Athletic Training.
If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to schedule an Evaluation please feel free to reach out to me at any time.
Coach V
 (702) 502-5185
10U Vegas Gamers
10U Tryouts – January 11, 2020
Aventura Park
2525 Via Firenze
Henderson, NV 89044
Please Rsvp: Randy Maher @ 702-285-2061
14U MVP Vegas
MVP Vegas is assembling a 14U Majors team and looking to play the best competition around. Tryout date will be Tuesday, January 7th.
Contact Coach Mike Hunter at (702) 596-5390 for tryout information.
12U Sin City Reapers
Central Las Vegas ball club with coaches that have ZERO of their children on the team. That’s right, no daddy ball here. We are looking for 4 players to add to the roster. Coached and run by a former NCAA Division I & II player and a staff with 30+ years of experience. The goal is to shape these boys into great young men and great young ball players. I said it once and I’ll say it again, no daddy ball here.
Check out our website for more information: Also contact Coach Gabriel by phone at (702) 626-0589 or by e-mail at
Tryouts for our 12u Club team will be held Saturday, December 28th & Saturday, January 4th from Noon-2pm at Paradise Park.
We are looking to add a few players to our current 10U roster. Our goal is to have a group of players we can develop for years to come. From professional playing, to over 20 years of high school coaching and player development, our coaching staff vary in life and baseball experience. Based in the Northwest we practice three times per week. We will be entering tournaments and a spring league in the upcoming months. We will travel a couple times per year. Text Coach Repp for further information or to set up a tryout 702-340-2177.
9U-11U Las Vegas Eagles
The Eagles Organization is Looking for players and Families to Fill 2020 Rosters.
Our Organization Mission is to provide Young Athletes with the necessary tools to succeed in the Sport of Baseball but most Importantly in Life, It has to be more than just Baseball. The Main Objective is Individual Improvement, as well as building a Competitive Team. Please keep in mind before you move forward, We do Not sacrifice Player Development for Trophies.
I believe the number one reason Young Players can’t Apply In Games what they Learn in Practices is due to Overwhelm and Stress. Our Coaching Philosophy is based on Teaching techniques that will Facilitate best ways to absorb and retain Information, allowing them to Perform under Game Stress. Our primary Focus is on Mental Approach, Proper Mechanics Repetition and Game Execution.
Practices are 3 per week (around the Summerlin Area), and we play 2 Tournaments per Month. We are Little League Friendly!
We welcome (Only), Coachable Players with great Attitude and Parents that understand the Commitment of Playing Club Baseball and are willing and able to be part of a drama/stress free environment. There’s no yelling, no bad behaviors, bad attitudes, unsportsmanlike conduct, pressure on the kids..allowed on this Program and this Include Coaches, Parents and Players. We want Kids on the Field and Adults on the Bleachers.
I am a former Baseball Player from Cuba (Catcher). Almost 20 years of Coaching Experience at different Levels, Including Adults in the Cuban National Series and High School Varsity here in the US. Degree in Sports Science and Athletic Training.
If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to schedule an Evaluation please feel free to reach out to me at any time.
 (702) 502-5185
10U Las Vegas Titans
Coach George Alonso is starting a new team! The Las Vegas Titans are looking for 9 and 10 year old players who want to grow and develop their baseball skills and knowledge of the game. The boys will train and play local leagues and tournaments year round.
Come join our Cooperstown 2022 team and see how our coaches can prepare your player for the best week ever!
We are looking for committed players and families who will be consistent with a team schedule. The Titans are a family and hope to welcome you and your family. If you are interested call George at 702-677-7756.
13U Bases Loaded Elite
Bases Loaded Elite is putting a 13u midseason team together to play in the Major division as well as playing up in the 14u division.
We will be putting the team together in November and starting practices in December. Tournaments will start after the first of the year!
We are looking for committed athletes and families to bring into our organization.
We practice 3 days a week
Cages at Bases Loaded batting facility
Fields at Doc Romeo
Agility with personal trainer
We will be holding individual evaluations that works for you and for us. For an evaluation please email
11U Las Vegas Swing
We are looking for one more dedicated family and player to join our dynamic roster.
Our kids play multiple positions and are developed at every position on the diamond within practice.
We practice two/three times per week in both Summerlin & N. Las Vegas.
A Las Vegas Swing try-out consists of 2 field practices and 2 batting practices, along with a guest player appearance within a tournament.
If you’d like more information about one on Las Vegas’ most dynamic teams, please call for greater details.  Contact us at: (702) 540-3888
Go ahead, take a SWING!
14U BLE Bucks
Looking to add 3 players to round out our current team. Our team plays 14u Major and above to prepare the players for high school ball that’s up and coming.
Team needs: Pitcher, Catcher, Outfield
4 practices a week – 2 field days, 1 cage day, 1 speed and agility with a trainer
If this is something that you would be interested in please contact